Towards Mental Exploits

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With the challenging wirds, "Your worth in life is essentially a product of the use of your mind", Dr. David Oyedepo opens this revolutionary book, and goes right on through to tell you:
- How to engage your senses positively for outstanding heights in life.
- The basic functions of thr mind, so your mind can be delivered from "disuse".
- How knowledge is processed into wisdom for results in your mind.
- What to do to rpovoke your endowment of supernatural mentality to great exploits that will announce you to your world.
And much more than you bargained for - if you're familiar with Dr. Oyedepo's anointed books!
"By ythe time you're through reading this book," he says, "you will accept full responsibility for your life, and you will have results to prove that God's Word is true."

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