Understanding Financial Prosperity

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Many people couch in poverty, wishing they were lucky enough to prosper, or connected enough to make it, but Dr. Oyedepo asserts in this authoritative volume that, "Prosperity is not luck, it's not connection, its not fortune! There is nothing called luck or fortune in the Kingdom. Light is what makes the difference between the winning chistian and the losing one; between the poor christian and the wealthy one. The difference is light; otherwie, we have a common destiny."
It is therefore that light that the Apostle of Prosperity seeks to open you up to. This book is a result of decades of research on the subject of prosperity and the practice of the same by a man who declares,
"I am not a preacher of prosperity, I am a prophet. God spoke specifically to me while I was away in America for a meeting, 'Get down home an make My people rich!'
That is why the things I teach are not the regular prosperity preacher's syllabus. They are divine impartations to make you a celebrity on the earth.
Why? I am sent! I have seen God in the realm of prosperity since then, thats why He has sent me to go and turn the destinies of men around.
I am sent not only to teach it, but to effect it, so that when you hear what God is saying through me, and you apply yourself to it, there is no way you wont be free. Because, "by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved." God is set to see your destiny preserved!"
Get ready for a flight into realms of untold wealth!

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