Spiritual Apprenticeship

Spiritual Apprenticeship
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Emerging scientists in their training are ethically compelled to study, observe and copiously refer to the work and notions of earlier practitioners. As such, they use the discoveries of other scientists as foundation and basis for their own inventions and innovations. Jesus raised His disciples not only by teaching and instructing them, but by allowing them to observe His approach and process in handing issues. As such, they spoke and demonstrated the things they have "...seen and heard." (Acts 4:20).
In this unique volume, Daid presents that ministry is a business and that it demands high level skill. Building his thoughts from Moses, to Elisha, through the disciples of Christ to Timothy, he establishes his outstanding concepts to present Scriptural lpractices for excellence in ministry. In his words, "I a mechanic is not accredited to handle pieces of iron and plastic until he has been through a regulated, concerted, and well-defined time frame of apprenticeship, why should we ever assume that an individual called into ministry to carry an assignent that deals with human destinies can jump into duty without training?"
In this book, you will discover among other things:
- The concepts of role modeling
- Demands of Apprenticeship
- The process of Apprenticeship
- Pitfalls in Apprenticeship
- Rewards of Apprenticeship
- Departure, detached and attachment Apprenticeship

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