Make your Life Count

Make your Life Count
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Do you know that you were created to be apositive point of reference in life?
Truth is: You were not created to remain indolent. You are created to make a meaningful and unquestionable mark on earth.
However, you can't be outstanding unless you stand out. To be different, you must do something different!
Life is all about impact-making! You are to make your life count!
That is why in thi book, Pastor Faith Oyedepo says, "Life does not count on its own! Every life of impact you see, was makde possible by someone taking responsibility to be a positive contributor."
The author reveals:
- Why your life must count
- The vital ingredients for living a life of impact
- What to do to enhance your worth
It's fresh, hot, incisive and exhilarating! Check it out!

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